Cook a Phenomenal Dish With High-Quality Chicken

Make the healthy choice by ordering premium meat

Your dish isn't complete without high-quality chicken from Meat And Potato Company. We strive to be your primary point of contact for premium-grade meat products. Order juicy, tender and delicious chicken breasts, legs or thighs from us, and we'll deliver them directly to you.

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What makes our chicken a cut above the competition?

What makes our chicken a cut above the competition?

This isn't your ordinary hunk of chicken. Our USDA-organic chicken products are grown in the northwest area of the United States. We never add hormones or antibiotics-so you don't have to worry about any harmful additives. Because we air chill our chicken, you'll experience unbeatable flavor and top-quality freshness in every bite.

Are you ready to sink your teeth into our savory chicken? Place your order today, and we'll send the meat directly to your door.