Meat and Potato Co. offers the most quality cuts of steaks, ribs, pork chops, ham, bacon, sausage, chicken, and potatoes in the Magic Valley, ID region - now shipping nation-wide!

Don't settle for less than the best

Meat and Potato Company has partnered with Locally owned and operated Independent meat Company located in Twin Falls Idaho to supply our quality pork and smoked pork products.

Independent Meat Co. was founded in 1904. It has been a family-owned business for 5 generations. Even after all these years, They still follow the recipes developed by Otto Florence, Sr.

Their system supports over 300 individual farming families. Their farmers and their families are their greatest resources and the Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork program was developed to help them sustain and preserve the family farming way of life for future generations. All of their farms are diversified, growing wheat, barley, and pulse crops. They also raise a variety of livestock, including pigs, cattle, chicken, ducks, and turkeys. This diversification helps protect farmers from market volatility that could be economically devastating. Economic incentives built into their agreements help all of their farmers maintain a viable business model and pass their farming way of life on to the next generation. You can feel confident that your pork purchase directly supports family farms.

The "Salmon Creek Farms" Partner Farmers are truly partners in every sense of the word. The relationship between the processor, "Falls Brand" Independent Meat, and the producer is exclusive and long term. Relationships span generations and in some cases go back over nearly 40 years. Order fresh pork from the Twin Falls, ID area today.

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