Your Source for High-Quality, Local Meats

Your Source for High-Quality, Local Meats

Get steaks and other proteins delivered in Twin Falls, Boise & the Magic Valley region, ID

Meat and Potato Company sources only the best possible beef from the Northwest, the majority of our cattle coming from right here in Idaho. The feed for all beef coming from the Magic Valley and the Mini-Cassia area here in Idaho. Starting with great beef is only the first step in guaranteeing the best possible steak for your table. We then age the primal cuts for a minimum of 20 days, this ensures tenderness and flavor. We finally cut our steaks to a very tight specifications to make sure we eliminate any extra fat or sinew. These steps not only guarantee quality, but they also guarantee consistency!

Some of our other meat products include:

  • Sirloin's - This is my most favorite steak! Impossible to find in a grocery store, this is a true center cut baseball top sirloin approximately 2 inches thick and completely trimmed to leave no extra fat or silver on the steak. Could easily be mistaken for a tenderloin in looks and is extremely tender.!
  • Flat Iron's - The 8oz Flat iron could be one of the most underrated steaks. This cut was often ground because it was part of the front shoulder. Research has proven that this steak is actually the 2nd most tender steak available next to the tenderloin, and marbles fantastic like the ribeye. Try a flat iron for an affordable and amazing steak!
  • New York Steak - Cousin to the ribeye and part of the same muscle, Our 10oz New York has amazing tenderness, marbling, and bite. We take this cut a little further to guarantee the best experience. After aging a minimum of 20 days, we trim the New York of the excess fat, and the entire sirloin end, this leaves only the true center of the New York for an amazing steak!
  • Ribeye - It is hard to add more to a ribeye, let us try! Only the top tier Choice beef make spec for the Meat and Potato Company, pair this with a minimum age requirement of 20 days and you have the ingredients for a great steak. These steaks are riddled with marbling, which is what they were made for. Try our 12oz thick cut ribeye today!
  • Tenderloin - The crem de la crem of the steak world. These 6oz Fillet's will cut with a fork, and literally melt in your mouth. Try the tenderloin steaks today for the most impressive presentation and tenderness available!
  • Tri-tip - Trying to feed a crowd? Tri-tip is your answer. These aged Tri-tips are completely trimmed and super tender! Slow cook on the grill or smoker for an amazing cut that won't break the bank. Averaging 3 pounds each, there is plenty to feed 6 to 8 people. TIP... Make sure and carve in the right direction always against the grain. This will make or break the tri tip when eating.

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