Save time, money, and gas by getting your protein delivered straight to your door.

Save time, money, and gas by getting your protein delivered straight to your door.

With the Global economy slowing down, the price of gas hitting an all time record, and the fear of a recession looming in the future everyone is wondering what can I do to curb my spending and save money especially at the dinner table.

While here at the Meat and Potato Company we strive to offer high quality food delivered right to your front door at reasonable prices, we also understand that most families are focused on simply putting food on the table.  Here are some tips from us to save a little and stretch your food dollar.

1.  Reduce portions -   The average adult only needs about 6oz of lean protein per day.  while that may sound strange, this is true.  I love to have a huge steak every once in a while, but most of the time I can share this steak with one or two other people especially at home.  What we do with our family of 4 is cook 2 average steaks or 3 pork chops etc that equal around 16 to 20oz.  We always have a balanced diet with vegetables a starch and maybe a salad as well.  We then slice the steaks, or other protein instead of serving them whole.  It is amazing to see how much everyone will actually take. In most instances we take around 4 oz per person for dinner.  At an average cost from us of around $7.50 per meal, that equates to $1.87 per person for dinner protein.  Hard to beat!

2.  Let us deliver! -  With fuel costs going out of sight we can help with your travel fees.  With fuel over $5.00 per gallon just about everywhere the daily trip to the grocery store is more expensive than ever.  5 weekly trips to the grocery store can add up to more than $50 per week just in fuel.  Not counting the "impulse" buys while you are there.  Shopping online is easier than ever and stops that impulse buy that often times leads to a rounder middle.  We pay the fuel bill and reduce your cost. This includes a $5. local delivery fee (can't beat it), a $20 flat delivery fee in the western 10 states, and flat rate shipping to everywhere in the US.  

3.  Buy in Bulk -  We have several options for filling your entire freezer from $599 to $99.  the value gets better and better the more you spend.  Compare a multitude of different proteins from pork, beef, and chicken.  Everything from hotdogs, sausages, bacon, steaks, Tri tip,  porkchops, chicken breast, and prawns and all of them come with free potatoes from 5 to 10 pounds of jumbo russets!  Buying this way reduces to overall cost per portion and still gives you a few premium steaks to have for that special occasion.  

4.  Leftover bonanza -  Most times when we have a meal there will be some leftovers or we will plan for leftovers with certain dishes. Why not use them in a recipe for an additional evening of dinner and cut costs for dinner in half?  Thoughts,  leftover ham for beans,  left over steak for stew or stir fry, leftover chicken for stir fry or soup, Leftover pork roast for hot sandwiches with melted cheese.  Many of these recipes are coming on our website as well and there are 1000's of these online already!

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