Frequently Asked Questions

How does my Package ship?

The ships all our own boxes in the local Magic Valley area of Idaho.  Outside of that we use third party shippers like UPS to ship all our boxes. 

Each box from the is packed with “state of the art” biodegradable packaging and refrigerant to make sure all the products are received in great condition. We also use a heavy wall corrugate to ensure that all our contents are protected from the elements and weather.

Is there a minimum purchase for shipping?

Yes, has a $69. Minimum to qualify for shipping.  This is to maximize our value and to ensure that we do not have to charge an extra or a premium for packaging. 

Are the animals you use treated Humanely?

Partnering with the means there has been a thorough background check into processing and the treatment of animals.  Third party audits guarantee that all animals are treated with care and that facilities exceed the government standards for humane treatment.

Is your beef grass fed?

Yes, it is. Our beef is sourced from as close to the Magic Valley as possible, meaning around 65% are from Idaho and the surrounding areas.  They are summered in rich mountain and dessert grass lands in the Rocky Mountains before being finished the last 180 days on locally grown corn and grain from the Magic Valley. They are not grass finished.

What makes your beef better?

We source only the best beef possible for the  Starting with Black Angus specific breed animals which are blockier and marble better than most other breeds.  We then wet age our beef for a minimum for 28 days.  This creates enzymes that breakdown the muscle to create tenderness and adds to the rich beefy flavor.

We then cut precisely!  Extreme tight specifications one every single steak cut to ensure no tough sinew, silver skin, or extra fat where not desired.  We also keep in mind that our customers want a spectacular eating experience, so we consider each muscle, the direction it is cut, and the reason for each cut at hand when processing.  True center cuts like Tenderloin with no butt tender or side muscle, center cut sirloins, with no sciatic seam and separated from the Coulotte.  New York strips that are true center cuts with no vein end.  These sound like small thoughts but make huge differences when eating! 

What makes your Pork Better?

All our pork products are sourced from independent Meat Company in Twin Falls. This company has been in business for generations and has amazingly consistent specs on pork.  Tight specs on animal genetics and feed produce animals almost identical to each other.  This consistency and family recipes make Falls Brand a top tier pork producer.  Extremely high-quality cuts with no tumbling and marination on primals and rich authentic natural smoke house flavor on Bacon and hams.  Nestled right here in the Magic Valley in Twin Falls Independent Meats supports our local economy by creating jobs for hundreds of families and supports local businesses.