Bison Short Ribs Asian Style

Bison Short Ribs Asian Style

Try this recipe next time you are craving a a great dish on a cold day!  Bison short ribs can be cooked in several ways, this one is awesome if you crave a super tender healthy Asian dish.

Start with a large cast iron pan that can go into the oven.

Pre-temp the oven to 250 degrees

On the stove top, add the trimmed short ribs, 2 tbsp olive oil and salt and pepper to the pan.  Sear on high heat until all edges are brown.

Add one can of beer (your choice).

Add 1- cup warm water and 1 tbsp Beef base and 2 tbsp Hoisin sauce to bowl and whisk until incorporated,  then add to the short ribs and cover with lid.

Place in oven and let Braise for 5 hours, or until fall apart tender.

Remove from heat, and strain all liquid into a sauce pan and add to heat.  

Add 4 tbsp teriyaki sauce to drippings, and let simmer.  

In separate small bowl combine 2 tbsp corn starch and 4 oz of cold water and whisk.

Add the cornstarch to the drippings and mix well while it boils to thicken.  

Add the mixture back to the short ribs and serve over rice. 

A great meal!!!!

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