Smoked Candied Pork Belly

Smoked Candied Pork Belly

If you are wanting to add another BBQ recipe to your belt and want to flip the minds of your friends and family, this is a must recipe.  

Start with a Salmon Falls Creek fresh pork belly from  

Cut the belly into large cubes and add to large bowl.

In separate smaller bowl add 1/2 cup brown sugar, 3 tbls kosher salt, 2 tbls granulated garlic, 1 tbls black pepper, 3 tbls BBQ seasoning to bowl and mix well. After mixing cover the pork belly with seasoning mixture and folded until all cubes are evenly covered.

Turn smoker on and set to around 220 to smoke the cubes for around 2 hours. Hlf way through smoking turn all cubes to make sure one side is not getting more cooked than the others.

Check for firmness of cubes. They should be soft on the top and slightly firmer below. If they are still too firm increase the temp of the smoker to 285 for an additional 20 min.

Remove cubes and add to large mixing bowl. Add 3 tbls  butter cubes, 1/4 cup honey, and 4 to 6 oz of your favorite bbq sauce and mix well.

Put the cubes into a large foil pan and add back to the smoker for an addition hour at 250 degrees.

Remove from smoker and let rest 10 minutes. Skewer or eat in chucks. This recipe is off the charts! The pork belly should be soft and the fat should melt in your mouth. 

Great served with BBQ items smoked beans, Cole slaw ect..  

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