About Us

Growing up in the Northwest and the Magic Valley in Idaho, we are no strangers to meat and potatoes. Our owner and partners have over 100 years of experience and have built long lasting relationships with ranchers, growers, and processors in Idaho and the Northwest to provide unique products with the highest quality.

We have stepped out of the grocery store state of mind to offer Choice, aged, hand cut beef. Only the top tier USDA choice cattle make the grade for the Meat and Potato Company. Starting here, then aging our products for a minimum of 20 days before processing to give the best flavor and tenderness to every steak. An experience, before, you could only have in some of the top steakhouses in the world.

We source 100% Idaho grown jumbo Russet and rainbow fingerling potatoes from the Magic Valley and Mini-Cassia areas. These regions are not only super close, they're some of the richest agricultural areas in the world. Our unique blend of deep color rainbow fingerlings are sought after by top Chef's for their rich flavor and eye appeal, add to these our jumbo Russets that average a pound and a half each, make for some eye-popping Spuds!

Our Mission

The Meat and Potato Company has also partnered with Independent Meat Company of Twin Falls (Falls Brand) for our pork products. With more than 5 generations of family owned and operated experience, they have continually used the same recipes for over 100 years. Using quality humanely grown pigs, sourced from family farms for generations helps with consistency and with guaranteed supply. These relationships support over 300 farming families.

Our goals at the Meat and Potato Company are to provide amazing products sourced from right here, delivered right to your home, anywhere that may be. We ship locally Monday through Friday offering same day delivery in the Magic Valley and next day delivery in areas like the Treasure Valley, Northern Utah, Northern Nevada, and Eastern Oregon. Super-fast 2day delivery to Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming. Shipping across the United States in also available with three day expedited shipping or faster. So relax, open your computer, cellphone, or tablet and shop worry free when it comes to quality and value.

We stand behind our quality with every bite! We aren't meal kits, we're Meat and Potatoes!